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About the MOET Course

The MOET course runs for two and a half days and covers trauma (first day), obstetrics (second day) and examinations (final half-day). The format for teaching consists of a comprehensive package of didactic teaching, scenarios, skills drills, small group workshops, demonstrations and moulages to teach and reinforce knowledge and skills acquired by the candidates. There is continuous assessment of skills during the course, as well as an MCQ and OSCE exam on the final day.

The MOET course builds on core skills and knowledge expected of a senior clinician. There is currently no comparable course in Australia. It is more advanced than the ALSO course, however the two courses may complement. The PROMPT course has some features that may also complement MOET in terms communication, teamwork and emergency management systems within individual maternity units, but does not attain the peak levels of achievement for individuals.

MOET commenced in Australia in 2009, starting with two courses and one instructor course in Sydney in November. We plan to run four to five courses per year in Australia and New Zealand, as well as at least one instructor course. Where possible we try to link courses with national and international scientific meetings and symposia.

In Australia the course was initially supported with a "start up" grant from the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RANZCOG). In New Zealand the course has been and continues to be supported by the New Zealand Society of Anaesthetists (NZSA).   
The course is under continual development and is lucky to be supported by a large medical education charity from the United Kingdom, the Advanced Life Support Group (ALSG). We have taken on a precourse on line learning package to reduce the lecture content. Presently we are looking at increasing the number of scenarios and medical content of the course and reducing the lecture content further. " 

MOET Course Start and Finish Times

MOET Course:

Day 1: start 08.00 finish 19.30

Day 2: start 08.00 finish 19.00

Day 3: start 08.30 finish 14.00

MOET (Generic) Instructor Course:

Day 1: start 09.00 finish 18.00

Day 2: start 08.30 finish 18.00

Day 3: start 08.15 finish 16.00

History of the MOET Course

The MOET (Management of Obstetric Emergencies and Trauma) course was developed in the UK equip participants with the knowledge, confidence and skills to manage serious obstetric and anaesthetic complications in pregnant women.

The course was designed by Charles Cox and Richard Johanson, along the same lines as the EMST (Emergency Management of Severe Trauma) and BATLS (Battlefield Advanced Trauma Life Support) courses.

The MOET course draws on its military origin to promote a systematic and structured approach to trauma and emergency obstetric management, using the standard basic life support and advanced life support algorithms.

It is aimed principally at obstetricians and anaesthetists at the level of consultant or senior registrar. Midwives attend as observers and participate as assistants in the scenarios, as in real life.