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Who Runs MOET

MOET is run under the auspices of the Advanced Life Support Group (ALSG), an educational charity, based in Manchester, UK. The course is supported by a course manual, which is a stand-alone teaching text, that is an invaluable resource to anyone working, teaching or interested in this area.

The course and course manual underwent a major revision in 2007 and 2012, which provided a greater emphasis on obstetric emergencies and less on trauma. Trauma remains, however, an excellent vehicle for teaching a structured approach. It is useful for clinicians to start with ABC and to focus on all aspects of resuscitation, based on the principle that adequate resuscitation of the mother is paramount.

It also incorporates major and recurring recommendations from the Confidential Enquiry into Maternal and Child Health.

The MOET Australia and New Zealand Executive is:
  • Dr Rahul Sen, Obstetrician, Sydney
  • Dr Douglas Mein, Anaesthetist, Wellington
  • Dr Prasad Beemasenachar, Anaesthetist, Perth
  • Dr Farah Sethna, Obstetrician, Canberra”